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Housing and Fencing

 Bennetts Wallabies should be kept in at least a 40 X 50 foot area for a pair. They need shade and grass to graze on and bushes to provide a hiding place to feel secure. They need a shelter of some sort to protect them from the heat and cold. I always provide a kiddie pool with water for them to cool off in the Texas heat, they love this! Some like to sit under mister hoses. They will spend much of their time sunning especially on cooler days.

 Housing can be done a variety of ways. I provide a small shed or barn for mine with windows for light and ventilation with a door opening where they can freely come and go. They like to sit in there a lot of the time, it provides a secure environment for them. I have also had available for them a larger insulated dog igloo, they have liked this a lot it provides a safe hideaway spot. Some people just have a three sided shelter. There are a variety of shelter options, you may decide on the best shelter depending on the area of the country you live in and the extremes in temperatures. Some people have their wallabies live indoors/outdoors.

 Fencing should be six feet tall, I personally prefer wood fencing.  I have never had any of mine panic if startled enough to run into a fence they see the boundary clearly.  I also find they handle noise much better because they can't see what is on the other side.  Dogs roaming can't see them and want to get to them as easily.  My mob ignores barking dogs.  With the wire fencing they can see anything passing by and can become more frightened by it.  It could also encourage any stray dogs to want to try to possibly dig into their enclosure if they can see them.  If you choose to use wire fencing use as small of a mesh as possible. The smaller openings will keep them from catching their noses and breaking their neck if something panics them.  I have one side of my yard which is chain link, it divides the animal side from our side and they enjoy being able to sit and watch our side of the yard. Be sure all gates leading to the wallaby enclosure are secure and cannot come open easily.  I keep locks on mine.  If your roo gets out it will be near impossible to ever catch it! 

















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