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  Hello, I'm Kangaroo Kate.  Welcome to my mob!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  I'm a breeder of Bennetts Wallabies and would love to share information with you about these wonderful animals.


Bennetts Wallaby

(Macropus rufogriseus)

 The wallaby is a marsupial in the kangaroo family.  Like other marsupials, the females have pouches in which they carry their young.  Wallabies are also macropods, which means "big foot."  Wallabies are found in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and some surrounding islands.

 If you have ever been fascinated by kangaroos, imagine the thrill of actually owning a small one for yourself!  Wallabies only grow to be two to three feet tall on average unlike larger Red Kangaroos which can be six feet or more!

 I live just 20 miles south of Dallas, Texas and have wallabies for adoption.  If you are interested in owning a bit of Australia, please email me.  I'd love to talk to you and give you any information you need for owning one of these exotic animals.

 Wallabies are very easy to care for and are great pets.  They are quiet and make very little mess.  Joeys like mine are very socialized and love to be held and pet on.  Beware of those who sell too cheaply if you want a joey you can handle.  Many times these are imports that are caught wild and are not generally good as pets.  It would be very difficult if not impossible to handle them!

 Each of my babies is personally bottle-fed by me as soon as it is safe to pull them from the mother's pouch.  This way they are accustomed to humans and you become their family.  They are very much at home with you and most any humans after this.  I am USDA licensed and have several years experience with wallabies.  Email or call for your chance to have an exotic like this.


Please note: 

I do NOT have any joeys available for adoption currently.


Please Read This Before Contacting Me

I have been getting many calls asking questions about wallabies.  Most of the questions I get asked have already been answered on these pages.

Please read all of my wallaby pages before contacting me with questions.  If your question is not answered on one of my pages, please then feel free to email with anything you would like to know.  I'll try to help.  Thanks!











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