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Please read all rules and information so there are no misunderstandings on party day.  Thank You!















Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.




































If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them and what you do not know you will fear.
What one fears one destroys.

--Chief Dan George










































































The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
























































Children:  You spend the first 2 years of their life teaching them to walk and talk. Then you spend the next 16 years telling them to sit down and shut-up.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of payments.





































































Nothing was ever done before it was first dreamed.




  Pony Rides & Pony Parties 




Pony Ride



Meet The Boys



Cherokee is the pony I bring for hand led rides.

Yes, Cherokee has blue eyes!


“Blessing,” a mini pony 

 for petting and soon rides.



Kangaroo Kate's is not a large, impersonal company

business, but is a small, personal, family-oriented fun activity for all events including birthday parties, small company gatherings with families, church events, etc.

Come experience the difference with "down home" personal service.



Pony Rides are hand led

Cherokee is the pony I bring for hand led rides.

Cherokee is a beautiful paint pony, with a weight limit of 100 lbs


Along with Cherokee I bring "Blessing," the mini pony.

Blessing is for petting only right now, but will soon be for riding too!




We do our best to come dressed for the occasion.  We DO NOT wear company T-shirts, gym shorts and tennis shoes.  We look the part of someone with a pony to try to blend in to your party.

(I generally come dressed in one of the outfits you see below or something similar.)



I do not use a pony carousel; ponies will be hand led.  I like doing hand led rides because it makes the experience more personal and we don't just walk the pony in small circles. Also some do not realize for longer events walking several ponies in a circle for an extended period of time can wear down the grass.  We try to walk in a way that we do not do this.

If the children riding are small I like to have someone walk beside the child while riding. 
I realize for many children this may be their first time to be on a horse and may be a bit scary to them. They feel much more secure to have someone near by as they ride. This also provides better safety.  I like to encourage parents to walk beside their child and share in the experience.  I encourage parents to have a camera handy for those perfect photo opportunities.

I do NOT exceed the weight limit for any of our ponies and will have scales available if in question.  Age or size is not what we go by--weight is the determining factor.


Pony Ride Pricing

                         1 Pony 1 hour  = $175 (additional hours $75 each)

                         1 Pony 2 hours = $250

                         1 Pony 3 hours = $325

                         1 Pony 4 hours = $400


Party Themes

Be sure to let me know if you have a specific party theme. I will try to dress the pony accordingly for your event.  In most cases we may also dress to your party theme to help set the mood of the event.


Themes I can fix up one or both ponies for:

Prince (in place of princess)

My Little Pony

Western / Indian (Cowboy and Indian)





Small ponies that may come along are included in the pony ride price.

NO extra charge.

No extra charge for dressing up pony for theme. 

(Theme dress will depend on other parties that have been booked ahead of yours.)

Most of the time I will be able to do your theme at no extra charge, but if you want the theme GUARANTEED, there will be an extra fee of $25.


Pricing is for the general Dallas/Ft. Worth areas.

Additional fees may apply for locations over 45 miles from me.







Pony Parties






Princess Pony Party





Every little girl dreams of being a princess
with her own princess pony.

              “Cherokee” will be attending for hand led pony rides during the party. He will be decked out with pretty pink flowers and butterflies.

Attendant will be dressed to fit the princess theme if possible.



Kangaroo Kate ready for a Princess Party



Princess Pony Party

1 hour $175

2 hours  $250






Pegasus Pony Party




Have a rare mystical Pegasus pony come to your party. 

From a place where fairy tales come true.

‘‘Cherokee’’ is a rare paint Pegasus, only one known to exist.

He comes from the land where fairies and unicorns dwell,

in the enchanted forest unseen by most humans. 




 Pegasus Pony Party

 $220  1 hour

 $300  2 hours





Pirate Pony Party



You will have your very own Pirate come
for swashbuckling fun!

You will have "Cherokee" the Pirate Pony
to do pony rides for the children.

I will make balloon swords
at the end of the party before leaving.

ONE balloon per child!

I will NOT have time to remake balloons as they pop.  If I make one for one child, I have to do it for all and there is simply not enough time.

Pirate Pony Party
$175 1 hour
$250 2 hour



Western Cowboy/Cowgirl Pony Party



Are you ready for some down home fun?
Round up all your little wranglers for a
boot scootin' good time!
Saddle up and Lets Ride!

‘’Cherokee’’ will do hand led pony rides for your little cowpokes. ‘’Blessing’’ the mini pony will be available for children to pet.

Western Pony Party
$175 1 hour
$250 2 hours




Fairy Pony Parties



Have fantasy make believe fun with

your very own fairy.

Children will have pony rides on ‘’Cherokee’’

At the end of the party children can gather around and be fairy dusted and make a wish before the birthday fairy goes back to the fairy forest.   

Great photo time!!  





       Birthday Fairy       

  Birthday Fairy will bring a special gift for the birthday child.


   Wish Fairy

This is a fun fairy for the children. Toward end of the party time Cherokee will be given a break from pony rides.   The Wish Fairy will let each child pick a wish stone.  (This is for them to keep.)



Sometimes I may not have a fairy helper with the wish fairy.

If parents would like to help this would be wonderful.

I find many do enjoy sharing this part of the fairy party.


You will write down the child’s wish, put it in the fairy wish box.     

*This is taken back to fairly forest to the wish garden.*

Have the child hang onto the wish stone they have chosen.  

When everyone is ready I will have them  gather around and close their eyes, hold their wish stone and make their wish and be fairy dusted. 

    This is a great time for that perfect photo!

    Fee for Birthday/Wish Fairy Parties

$225 for one hour



Tooth Fairy

Celebrate the special event of loosing a tooth!

Loosing that first tooth is a fun event for the whole family.

Make it a fun time for your child and friends by having

the tooth fairy make a special party visit!


The Tooth fairy comes with Cherokee to do pony rides,

along with Blessing for children to pet.


Tooth Fairy will bring the party child special tooth fairy gifts:

small tooth brush, toothpaste,

a special tooth fairy pillow to hold their lost tooth

for the tooth fairy to collect

in the dark of night as they sleep.


Party child will also receive

a special certificate of lost tooth from the Tooth Fairy.

ALL Children will be fairy dusted at the end of the party.

The party host may have the option of offering a gift package to the children guests for an additional fee.  This makes a memorable party favor for your child's guests to take home.


There is special fee for the Tooth Fairy Pony Party:

$225 for one hour

 for pony ride and one gift package for host child.

Plus $15 additional fee per child to receive a tooth fairy gift package.





If you would like to have the Tooth Fairy come to your business to promote Dental month in Feb. or any other time,  Please contact me.   I would be happy to distribute your handouts to your customers and help promote good dental health for children.  

Business Visits as Promotion:  $100 Per Hour.

(Pony and pony ride NOT included:  Tooth Fairy only.)


Pricing is for the general Dallas/Ft. Worth areas.

Mileage fees may apply for locations over 45 miles from me.







No matter how brave your little cowboy/cowgirl; we practice






Safety rules

I try at all times to put safety first in all we do so everyone can have a fun experience and memorable day at your event.  I do expect children to follow the rules of riding:  no jumping or wiggling around ON the pony (this can be very uncomfortable for the pony's back), hold on while riding (safety rule number one), no yelling or screaming while on the pony (not very pleasant for the pony's ears.)  They will be removed if told twice to follow the rules and do not.  I  ask that children DO NOT play ball, run around being loud (where the pony is being led),  swing items in the air, ride bikes or battery operated children's cars in the pony ride area while we are at the event.  These guidelines are for their safety as well as the well being of the pony. 



I go to all events where a pony may be needed.   We may, under some circumstances, have some limitations or restrictions on what we may do. These are some restrictions we need to keep in mind when setting up for a pony ride area:  rides near very loud settings, extremely loud music, beside a busy street, carnival type rides or activities which have a lot of motion or action that the pony may be required to walk past, and jump houses.    Horses can bolt if something startles them and we must keep safety in mind on the environment we set up to give rides.  The ponies I use are very good about going out in the public but they are still horses and can at anytime respond to various conditions around them.   I do reserve the right at any event should I see any of these kinds of conditions are a concern to stop the pony ride at any time.  We try to always keep safety in  mind as a priority.  Most of the time the pony does well under all situations but I like to make sure that if I see he is being nervous about any environment he is in we are aware and act accordingly for safety reasons. 



In hot weather conditions we do need shade areas for the pony to at least be able to stand under while changing riders as well as for the pony handler to not get heat exhaustion.   If the conditions are up in the 90's  I do require they have some shade while giving rides.  If the weather conditions rise near 100 degrees I reserve the option of not working the pony unless it has nearly total shade to work in.  The safety and well being of the pony is the priority.   If the event has more than one pony we will rotate any break time so at least one pony is always working. 

In the event of rain we will still do the pony ride if there is a covered area we can get under.  Otherwise we will have to cancel.  Otherwise, I only cancel if the rain conditions make it near impossible to get the pony out of the ranch to the trailer to load, such as with pouring down rain or excessive mud.   When we have heavy rain we also have heavy mud conditions making it very difficult to get the pony loaded and unloaded and back to the pen at the end of the day.   I try to watch the weather reports and if I am in doubt I will give you a call and discuss the situation at that time with you and we can come to some sort of agreement together on what we will do.  



I also ask if you have pets, PLEASE, confine them to another area while we are there with the ponies.  It is  best to keep animals not accustomed to each other apart for safety reasons.   It is especially helpful if you have a barking dog to have it as far from the pony area as you are able.  If your neighbor has a barking dog and we see it is disturbing the pony at any time we may have to try to do the ride in a different location such as rather than the back yard we go to the front, etc.  Most of the time the pony does well under all situations but I like to make sure that if I see she is being bothered that we are aware and act accordingly for safety reasons. 



Email with any questions.

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